January 2014- Found Items January 01 2014

Little Notes from Kata Golda~ Found Items

By: Kata Golda's Alison Kaplan on January 1, 2014

The excitement of the holidays is behind us and such small amounts of daylight are with us.  I either want to snuggle in and sleep and sleep, or I feel like drinking coffee in my warm studio and making something.  The quiet, cold and stillness of the outdoors bring me great indoor focus.  This is the season of cooking and creating.
In my love of simplicity, I’ve been looking to found objects around the house for inspiration.  Here are a few of my creations. 
A matchbox covered in felt became a perfect little carrying case for a bear and bedding.
This fluted dish lent itself to being stuffed with a blueberry pie.  My next idea is to stuff it with little mice as a fantasy pie for my kitty, Molly.
And I couldn’t resist filling a mason jar with homemade pickles.  Though I make and adore real pickles, there is something so ironic and hip and DIY that as a Pacific Northwest crafter I just had do it once the idea came to me.
I hope you are all finding some extra time to reflect and look around you for projects big and small with whatever objects call out to you.