October 2013- Halloween on Polk Street October 01 2013

The Kata Golda studio just happens to sit on one of the few streets in our mossy seaside town where trick-or-treating happens at a brisk pace, consistently, all night long. I wonder how this happened, how our neighborhood became the designated zone for giving and getting candy. And I wonder, too, if other towns and cities have also witnessed the same phenomenon?   Embracing the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating (all the sugar and all the waste!) clearly does not suit my character. But I must admit I buy bag upon bag of things that I typically wouldn’t let cross my threshold. And, truth be told, I even secretly hope that there will be some peanut butter cups left over for me.

Kata Golda's Black Cat Wool Felt Masks, hand-stitched with wool felt and made to order, are available on Etsy. Also comes in raccoon, fox, and owl designs.

Living on one of the few streets where Halloween lives also raises the bar in terms of decorating. I grow the big pumpkins that we carve and then line up on a bench in front of the house, knowing that they will likely be smashed at night by unruly teenagers. And I make little treats to give out to my favorite trick-or-treaters, or as party favors. This year, it’s little black cat finger puppets.

Halloween is a great time of year for us crafty types. I enjoyed making these new animal masks (available on Etsy) — such a simple way to create a character. And if Halloween is cold and blustery where you live, like it is here, then having a costume that can include a warm winter jacket is a must.


The first five people to send me an email with their favorite Halloween tradition will receive illustrated instructions and a materials kit to make their own set of two cat finger puppets: a black one and an orange one.

Wishing you a spooky, sugary, creative, inspired Halloween, ~ Alison Kaplan, Founder of Kata Golda