February 2014- Making Valentines February 01 2014

Inspiration from the Worktable

By Alison Kaplan on January 20, 2014

This time of year I feel like I am in a 'no mans land', pulled in various directions with lots of ideas but too antsy to dedicate myself to one direction.   I am not busy with deadlines (except those self-imposed ones).  It is not quite time for spring cleaning and gardening.  Sadly, I realize that without the pressure of orders and holidays and deadline I feel a little stagnant.  Isn't this the kind of down time we all long for? 
The darkness is slowly creeping out, allowing for a little more light on both sides of the day.  I still have areas of the studio that seem asleep, due to poor lighting, and thus they are avoided.
So here I sit at my worktable, with some focused light and I am reminding myself to be right here and appreciate this moment and this season.  My mind wanders to Valentine’s Day, and I decide to make something for my favorite people.  And in my love of simplicity, I challenge myself to make something with only the items within reach from where I sit.  Luckily this includes:
            a typewriter
            little glassine envelopes
            glue sticks
            a box of felt scraps
            a scissors
Here is what I made:

What would you make with this collection (or your own collection) of things?
P.S. Speaking of collections, I have added a bunch of new items to my Etsy shop.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.