March 2014- Boxes of Potential giveaway March 01 2014

I recently cleaned my work table completely, took everything off and placed it all in a box.  Then I  thoughtfully re-placed some of the items, that with careful consideration, were kept on display:
  • a wooden bird painted pink, white and black that was carved by a friend.  It has such a nice head tilt and expression;
  •  carved and painted tiny wooden animals, with such nice details;
  •  an old stiff doll, stripped of all of it's details.  it is quite heavy and simple.

I am not aware of the clutter accumulating on my table until suddenly the amount of work space is significantly diminished.  I vow to not let this happen again but then, in the busy-ness of running this business, I add things one at a time. It never feels like a take-over until one day when it does.

When I do this studio clean up, I make piles of all like materials (all felt cut in strips, or all egg shapes, etc). There is something about having a quantity of something that gets me to thinking how I will re-use it.  But still, there comes a point when my filing system needs to be depleted, so I am offering up these odds and ends of potential that will be neatly packed in a 10 x 10 x10 box.  Would you like them? 

GIVEAWAY:  I have 2 boxes to give away.  Please drop me a line and tell me why I should send them to you. 
The box will also include an item that is not making it back on to the table; perhaps it will inspire you.
If you receive the box of potential, I would love to see what you make.

I hope spring cleaning gets your creative juices flowing, or at least clears some space to see things in a new light. 
~ Alison Kaplan, Founder of Kata GoldaX