March 2014- Working Through the Piles March 15 2014

So many of the things I make are clearly inspired by Spring.  I love this time of "starting", such as planting my plant starts and thinking about their future, the time and care and changes that will occur. The dedication to try and cultivate success and the unpredictable patterns of the weather. Thinking about the future, innovative ways I will consider using the flowers, foliage and vegetables to make decorations and food.

It is time to sort through my seeds and tools.  Each year my hand tool collection gets narrowed down to just the ones I really use and have grown to love.
Inside, my clean work table is now piled with the new spring items cut and ready to sew.  I love working though these piles to completion. I find these piles comforting in their neatness and I feel excited for the workday to begin and to jump into my projects.

Happy Spring, friends.  Here's to starts and beginnings!

~ Alison Kaplan, Founder of Kata GoldaX