April 2014- About Joy, and a Mother's Day DIY project April 01 2014

Let me tell you a little something about my mom.  Her name is Joy and she is a maker of all things knit, and all perfectly baked cookies.  Every month I receive a hand knit item in the mail from her. Many of these are requests, some she just thought I might like, and others are experiments. These days I am in the process of creating a new line to launch this summer.  I have taken a big step back from production and been spending a considerable amount of time on drawing and application of these drawings to fabrics.  Working and reworking fabrics and patterns, I am reminded of Joy and her virtuous patience with handiwork.

With great appreciation for the plethora of knitted goods, and all of the thoughtfulness,  and with what I have learned about  time spent to get the project just right, I have this single flower for you, Mom.

Make a flower for your mother, or another beloved Set out to give this flower all of the time and attention it deserves….a single flower with small stitches, intentional curves and careful observation.  I am so accustomed to remaking things in multiples that rarely do I work on something that I have the intention of making 1 of but I only have 1 mom so I am only making this 1 flower.

This flower is easy to make, and I encourage you to play around.  In fact, I'll only tell you what materials you need and a few tips to help you out. MATERIALS:  Wool felt in one or two colors for the flower, wool felt for leaves, a dark wool felt for the stamens, 1 piece florist wire (cloth stem), 2 pieces floral tape (each 12"), embroidery floss for stitching. TIPS:  I used a single ply of black embroidery floss for the stitching in the center of the leaves and for the perimeters of the petals.  I started and ended my running stitch in the area that will be covered by the floral tape.  Before I tied the 2 ends of the thread together, I pulled the threads to give the leaves and petals a bit of a curl in their shape. USING FLORAL TAPE: 1. I used one 12" piece of floral tape to wrap the flower. Starting with the stamens, I wrapped them to the wire and then, one by one, I  wrapped each individual petal in until they were all attached. 2. I used one 12" piece of floral tape to wrap the 5 leaves on to the stem.  starting at the base of where the flower was attached, I wrapped in the petals as I moved down the stem. After they were all attached, I continued wrapping the floral tape down the stem until it was gone.

GIVE-AWAY: Materials Kits for Flower Project

This spring marks, for me, 15 years of being a mother.   I will celebrate by offering 15 sets of materials to make a wool felt flower.  Drop me a line and tell me about your mom or the person you feel worthy of this single flower. Wishing you a season of appreciation and craftiness, -Alison Kaplan, Founder of Kata Golda  
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