August 2014- New York, New Website, New Collection... Oh my! August 01 2014










Every couple of years I think about throwing in the towel.  This running a craft business is a lot of work. More and more people are shopping online and not at the cute little shops that have been my bread and butter for years.  And I built this business on journals!  As in books!  As in real paper, that you write on with a pen, that you don't plug in or sync or tweet with.  Plus hand-made items are everywhere now, even if they actually come from a factory.  Sometimes it all feels like too much, like my little business cannot possibly keep up, one hand-stitched item at a time. But then it begins-- the sketches start appearing in my journal and my collection of inspirational pieces grows the "oh, what happens if I change this shape, this line, this material?".  And before I can stop to consider if I really want to keep going, I suddenly have a new product line. 

Like all of my favorite things, there is a cycle, a rebirth of Kata Golda... And so it is that we announce today the launch of Kata Golda's 2014 Product Line.  Look for clean lines, a neutral palette, and products that appeal to design-lovers of all ages.  With it comes a new websiteand a booth at the NY NOW gift show in New York City from August 16-19.  Please come find us at booth #9203 in the Handmade Designer Maker section.  But for those of you who do not wish to brave the heat and humidity of Manhattan in August, please keep in touch. 

After a long push to get this collection off the ground, I will be spending a good part of the rest of this most beautiful summer relaxing and hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. -Alison Kaplan, Founder of Kata Golda X