October 2014- Pockets of Resistance September 30 2014 3 Comments


I am not sure if it is seasonal, or it is a phenomena that occurs when my life feels completely overwhelming,  but whatever the reason- before I really focus and get to business (whether it be sewing, designing or putting up food for the winter) I need to deeply organize and flush things out. Inevitably much of this stuff that requires sorting and relocating lives in very scrappy looking piles that I call POCKETS OF RESISTANCE. I sadly did not coin the phrase; years ago I found it on a clip board on a friend's kitchen table. Not only did i love the meaning of the phrase but it used one of my favorite words: pocket.  I love clothes with pockets,  the way the word looks on a page,  and the way it sounds when you say it.

"Pockets of resistance" has become my phrase for all tangible obstacles big and small.  I have these growing piles that feel a bit out of the way until they spill over and become extreme pockets of resistance. Even the semblance of organization one day can appear as a  pocket  of resistance the next, like the labeled tower of boxes in my crawl space.

So here I offer you my pockets of resistance in hopes that they will be your bag full of inspiration. I have 3 hand-stitched wool felt shoulder bags, each bag has a few stitched little pockets- the kind of pockets that only offer small spaces for important things- as well as scraps and unfinished ephemera. Each bag is full.

Send me an email about an unusual phrase or favorite word that resonates with you.  I will pick my favorite three responses to send my piles.
-Alison Kaplan, Founder of Kata Golda