A Clean Slate March 08 2015

I spend a lot of time in my home studio. In fact, I rarely leave except to run the necessary errands or to travel. Sometimes I look around me and feel overwhelmed by piles of sketches, lists and patterns, stitched samples, books, inspirational materials, scattered with bits of felt that have accumulated. They have established themselves with an underserved permanence. There are so many piles I don’t know how to begin sorting. The time commitment, and the potential leftover disaster if I get started and don’t finish, is too much for me to take on.

The reality of the situation is that this is an ongoing situation that will never be fully completed. It is more about upkeep than completion, but being so far gone required help to get started. I needed a truly skilled cleaner and organizer to work alongside me, someone to keep me on task. Thankfully, such a person moved in next door just when I needed her most. She helped me to recognize that this is not a task that takes a few hours one afternoon but one that takes many hours of weekly upkeep so that the piles aren’t allowed to get too big.
The lesson here is don’t get stuck in the mud, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
We sort the piles and clean house in the morning once a week. The completed chores leave a clean slate where a project with an end has the space to unfold. The kinds of tasks that end with a feeling of completion, like my Kata Golda orders. To sit in the afternoon sunshine while I cut the fabric and make the stitches are the little rewards I cherish. I tuck the finished project into a box and send it off. There is always a moment of pause and pride. This is a wonderfully satisfying feeling and I thank you for giving me this opportunity.