Two Winter Wrens April 13 2015

Two winter wrens

My studio opens to the outdoors and right outside there is a bench that faces the front garden. When the sun is shining on the bench I grab my basket of hand stitching projects and am there.

 The other day, as I sat stitching in the sunshine, two winter wrens flew to my barberry bush. It was odd for me to see these birds here at eye level just a few feet away as I have only ever seen and heard them in the forest. One snuck inside the bush and the other sat on the highest branch singing its little heart out. It is truly astounding that such a sound can come out of such a tiny creature.

 I did not have a device to capture this audio and visual moment. I stopped what I was doing and observed with all of my senses, fully taking in the experience.

 I realize in retrospect how important it is to have these kinds of moments. I did not think that in that moment or the moments that followed that this encounter would have resonated with me as it did. Days have passed since the winter wren moment but the remembrance of it continues to linger.

 -Alison Kaplan, Founder of Kata Golda