adjustable bracelet with clasp: wagonwheel lake

$ 68.00

Each bracelet is available in yellow bronze with a red, khaki/green, gray, or slate blue cord.  Bracelets are about 9" long and are secured with a clasp. The length can then be adjusted by pulling on the dangling charm cords.  The charm ends can be the same or mismatched, depending on your style. 

Strong, decorative, durable and natural – this is a piece of jewelry that is meant to be worn every day. 

Cast by hand out of recycled metal, each charm is inspired by the organic shapes found in nature. The form, variation, feel and energy of each piece is intentionally raw and imperfect. The patina will change with time and wear, but can always be restored to its original shine if that suits your style.  

And while there is a delicacy to the crocheted cord, it is not fragile. Silk and steel are hooked together and strengthened with knots, invisible stitching, and added reinforcement at the clasp. This ensures that your bracelet will survive daily wear through workouts, showers, body oils, and sleep. 

This collection reflects my deep relationship with handwork and nature, and my effort to find balance between rugged strength and delicate beauty.