spring home-dyed treasure box for the stitcher

$ 45.00

Planning, dying, curating, stitching, and assembling these treasure boxes is such a pleasure. So much care and consideration goes in to each material that is tucked into these boxes. It is a slow and thoughtful process, and I feel such kinship and connection to those who appreciate and delight in the contents.

This particular box is especially robust and over stuffed - a metaphor for this season. It is a joy to share this moment with you, as spring is unfolding and everything is lush and greened and filled with hope.

I made a very limited quantity of these treasure boxes. They are the perfect present for a mentor, a mother, a friend, yourself...

Materials are packaged in a sturdy 4.5 x 4.5 x 2" cardboard matchbox-style box that is covered in plant-dyed organic cotton double gauze. It is topped with a plant-dyed wool felt flower with antique sequins stitched using tussah silk and mohair/silk yarn. Choose your cover design from the list of 16. 

All fabric, silk ribbon, and sashiko thread was dyed in my studio with chlorophyllin green, coreopsis, cutch, indigo, iron, logwood, madder, marigold, pomegranate, and quebracho. There is a slight variety in the contents of each box.

This treasure box lends itself to small, patchwork projects or meaningful decorations like ornaments and amulets. You can look at my collection of free sewing tutorials for inspiration. I hope you can feel the love and care that is bundled up in every box.


  • [1] 7 x4” piece of wool felt (dyed with madder, logwood & iron)*

  • [4] 6.25 x 5” pieces of plant-dyed wool crepe (assorted colors)*

  • [4] 6.25 x 4” pieces of plant-dyed organic cotton double gauze (assorted colors)*

  • [5] 1 yard x 1/2" lengths of plant-dyed silk ribbon on wooden spools (assorted colors)*

  • [1] 6 yard length of mohair/silk yarn on a tiny wooden spool (color varys)

  • [1] 6 yard length of plant-dyed sashiko thread on a tiny wooden spool*

  • [1] 10 yard length of natural/undyed tussah silk thread on a tiny wooden spool

  • [1] chenille hand sewing needle for mohair/silk yarn

  • [1] sharp hand sewing needle for tussah silk thread

  • [1] crewel hand sewing needle for sashiko thread

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