imperfect patchwork & little stitchings


My desire to always be productive and keep my hands busy is why I created the Imperfect Patchwork KitI love a pocket to keep things together, and I find that when I have my tools and materials organized and gathered into one place, I am less likely to hesitate starting a project.

It is important to work with the best materials, and that does not always mean new materials. Seek out fabrics that feel good in your hands and are pleasing to your eyes. Keep tools that are high quality and that work well.

In addition to what you find in the kit, I also keep the following in my personal stitching pocket:

  • a journal of ideas and lists
  • my favorite pen
  • a sharp pencil and sharpener
  • a tape measure

Outside of my kit, ready to grab, I also keep:

  • a pile of things in need of repair
  • a stack of ironed and prepared fabric of various weights, colors, textures, and material make-up (content)
  • a colorful ball of embroidery floss pieces that are not trash-worthy
  • little bits and treasures such as sequins, beads, buttons, and silk ribbon
  • an assortment of threads and yarns
  • a pair of sharp fabric scissors