color story

A commitment to sustainability and an enchantment with the colors created by plant based dyes has brought the Kata Golda color palette to life.  Our organic cotton, hemp, and silk fabrics are transformed with madder root (red and terracotta), madder root and fustic (orange), fustic (yellow and ochre), weld and indigo (green), indigo (blue), lac and quebracho (dusty rose and pink), walnut hulls (walnut), and oak galls (charcoal).  Our textiles are hand dyed by Botanical Colors in a way that is mindful of water use, is non-toxic and biodegradable, and draws its incomparable color palette from humble plants and natural sources. The outcome is a beautifully nuanced collection of ethically produced textiles.  Each batch of dyed fabric is unique (see the wave of blues above), adding character to each piece. We utilize every scrap and remnant of our fabric.