botanical patch quilts

$ 650.00

This project has been a labor of love. It began as a 100 day project: a practice to create a botanical patch daily for 100 days. I found inspiration for the stitchings on walks in the woods and in my garden. Each patch is hand-stitched in black thread on plant-dyed linen remnants. Phase two was the slow process of arranging the patches and hand stitching them on raw edge tea-dyed linen. Finding color balance and the right shape took many tries - pinning, hanging and leaving it be for a few days, re-arranging, and then slow-stitching the entire piece together. I love how they turned out. Quilts are sold individually: quilt #1 measures 19.75 x 40" (orange patch in the upper left corner) and quilt #2 measures 20 x 34" (dusty rose patch in the upper left corner).

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