hanging bud vase made from plant-dyed wool felt

$ 26.00

I received so many requests for these after I shared my free sewing tutorial, so I made small collection out of plant-dyed wool felt that I dyed earlier this fall with plants from my dye garden.

This hanging bud vase can hold cuttings from your favorite plant, fresh blooms, dried seed heads (my fall favorite), or dried flowers. Each glass beaker is wrapped wool felt that is stitched with brightly colored mohair yarn. The 6" long vase hangs from a 28" strand of crocheted mohair, each one has a 2" 2-color tassel at the base.

I will ship each vase with a few strawflowers (similar to the flowers pictured) but I cannot guarantee they will survive the journey! 

Available in 6 colors:

  • peach: dyed with coreopsis
  • lime green: dyed with sulfer cosmos and marigold
  • pink: dyed with avocado skins & pits
  • light blue: dyed with fresh leaf indigo
  • sage green: dyed with black hollyhock
  • ochre (dyed with marigold)

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