homegrown & home-dyed treasure box for the stitcher

$ 45.00

This little treasure box is a glimpse into my creative world. It is a compilation of things that bring me joy: dirty hands from time in the garden or at the dye pot, my love of cozy wool, my curiosity about color and delight with texture, and the deep satisfaction I feel when everything is gathered into one tidy collection.

I dyed three weights of wool (gauze, crepe, and felt), the subtle shade difference between the fabrics is so beautiful. I have paired the plant-dyed wool with a bright assortment of mohair/silk yarn, I love the aura this yarn creates when it is used for embroidery projects. I made a very limited quantity of these treasure boxes... they are the perfect present for your favorite stitcher or a lovely gift for yourself.

Materials are packaged in a sturdy 4.5 x 4.5 x 2" cardboard matchbox-style box that is covered in wool gauze that I dyed with fresh leaf indigo and embellished with a leaf design that uses bits of the materials found inside the box. The contents and cover design of each treasure box varies slightly. 

All fabric is dyed with plants from my garden, plus avocado pits & skins from my food scraps. I used indigo, coreopsis, marigolds, sulfer cosmos, black hollyhocks, and black scabiosa.

  • [4] 3 x 4” pieces of plant-dyed wool crepe
  • [5] 21 x 1.5” pieces plant-dyed wool gauze
  • [6] 2.5 x 3.75” pieces of plant-dyed wool felt
  • [4] 3 yard lengths of colorful mohair/silk yarn
  • [1] size 3 crewel/embroidery needle
  • [2] straight pins
  • [1] collarless safety pins

This treasure box lends itself to small, patchwork projects or meaningful decorations like ornaments and amulets. You can look at my collection of free sewing tutorials for inspiration.  i hope you can feel the love and care that is bundled up in every box.

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