keep an EYE on your HEART

$ 12.00 $ 21.00

*small batch: only one in each design is available*

These one-of-a-kind hearts are handmade out of wool felt that I dyed in my studio. They are stitched with an eye design on one side and a "burst" on the back with silk/mohair yarn, cotton embroidery thread, and tussah silk. Hearts are lightly stuffed with buckwheat hulls and hang from a 26" strand of crocheted mohair/silk yarn. The small hearts measure 2 x 2.5" and the large hearts measure 3 x 3.5". 

These hearts are a reminder to keep an eye on your heart. Keep an eye on the hearts of those you love, and allow the hearts of others to watch over you as well. While this symbol carries different meanings for different people, to me it represents protection and loving care.

Would you like to stitch your own? Find the free sewing tutorial here

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