letter writing pocket & bundle

$ 78.00

*SMALL BATCH* only three available in each color.

I hope this little pocket inspires and supports your letter-writing journey.

This letter pocket features a large inner pocket, a pen & pencil holder, a stamp pouch, an outer back pocket for treasured correspondence, an outer loop, and a wrap closure. It measures 10.5 x 6" and is machine stitched out of plant-dyed organic cotton hemp with a vintage cotton lining. Each pocket features a hand-embroidered plant-dyed linen patch.

The pocket is available in three colors: terracotta (dyed with madder root), blue (dyed with indigo), and orange (dyed with madder root and fustic). My well-used letter-pocket and what I keep tucked inside is photographed in light blue.

The pocket is filled with the letter writing bundle which includes  3 watercolor cards (moon & stars, owl, and stone hearts) with envelopes, 12 hand torn sheets of letter writing paper with 6 envelopes, my favorite pen & pencil, and a handmade pocket notebook covered in plant-dyed organic cotton/hemp in a corresponding color. (*note* the letter writing bundles are also sold separately here.)

The project to make your own letter-writing pocket was featured in Taproot Issue 56::Cultivate

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