my favorite apron

$ 65.00

You will almost always find me wearing an apron. I wear one in the garden, I wear one when I sew, I wear one in the kitchen. I like to keep all of my supplies at hand, and I rarely have enough pockets. The ability to complete a task with everything I need at my fingertips is so satisfying. My aprons are not precious - they are well-loved and they get dirty. I cover up stains and holes with patchwork. Aprons get better with time - a well-worn apron is the mark of a creative life.

Each apron is machine stitched out of plant-dyed organic cotton/hemp. They measure 19.5" x 13" and have four pockets that that measure (from left to right) 4.25", 5", 5" and 4.25". The two 39" ties can wrap around to tie in the front or side, or be tied at your back. Each apron is one-of-a-kind.

  • TERRACOTTA has a row of little house patches hand-stitched from plant-dyed organic linen
  • TEA-DYED WITH PATCHES has hand-stitched criss-cross patches made from plant-dyed organic linen 
  • INDIGO DIP WITH LINES has hand stitched imperfect flowing lines stitched with indigo-dyed sashiko thread
  • GREEN has multiple raw-edge plant-dyed organic linen patches covered with lines of hand stitching
  • TEA-DYED WITH STITCHING has little random bursts of colorful stitchwork all over
  • CHARCOAL has hand-stitched botanical images on raw-edge plant-dyed linen patches
  • INDIGO DIP WITH STAR BURSTS has little hand-stitched bursts throughout