plant-dyed botanical pin cushion bracelet (leather lined)

$ 25.00

*small batch: only one available of each design*

Whether I am in the studio, on the road, out in the field, or sitting in my spot on the couch, this tiny pin cushion bracelet is just what I need. No more sticking my needles into my clothes only to (painfully) find them later.

This pin cushion bracelet is stitched out of plant-dyed wool felt (dyed by me in my home dye studio) and features a detailed botanical design. Each pin cushion is very densely stuffed with crushed walnut hulls to keep your needles sharp. There is a layer of leather lining the back side (tucked under the felt) so you don't poke your wrist. The stitch work is done with cotton thread, mohair/silk yarn, and tussah silk. Pin cushions measure between 1 x 1.5" and 1.5 x 2". They are attached to a 20" strand of t-shirt yarn with a collarless safety pin (so it can be detached if you wish). Simply wrap around your wrist twice, knot at the end, and trim if necessary. The stretchy band allows you to pull your bracelet on and off. Cushions are packaged with 4 straight pins and 1 sewing needle.

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