plant-dyed botanical tape measure

$ 32.00

*small batch: there is a very limited quantity of each design.*

The wool felt tape measure is entirely hand stitched out of plant-dyed organic wool felt (dyed by me in my home dye studio) and is embroidered with botanical design. The back side is decorated with a small coordinating design that indicates the location of the retract button. All stitchwork is done with cotton thread, mohair/silk yarn, and tussah silk. Tape measures are about a 3” circle.

Coordinating plant-dyed botanical scissor slips and tiny plant-dyed botanical pin cushions are also available. The numbers correspond with each other if you would like a matching botanical set (ie: the #5 pin cushion and the #5 scissor slip and the #5 tape measure share a similar botanical design. You will note there is an exception to this coordination for all of the #12s). 

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