plant-dyed sashiko thread: three-color palette

$ 15.00

Treat yourself to something special for your next embroidery or mending project with the beautiful color palette of this plant-dyed sashiko thread. This thin 100% cotton thread is hand-dyed in the same colors as all of our fabrics.  The three color palettes hold 7 yards of thread and are sold individually. Choose between: SUNRISE (dusty rose, lavender/brown, and terracotta), SUNSET (orange, ochre, and red), DUSK (lavender/brown, yellow, and sage), and NIGHT (green, indigo, and charcoal).

Note that the thread is single strand (it does not separate into plies like embroidery floss) and it is best suited for embroidery/crewel needles in sizes 3, 5, and 7.

If the thread is used for mending, it can be washed. It is best to use the delicate cycle using mild laundry soap and no bleach of any kind. Tumble dry low or hang dry. The thread should not run, rub, or fade significantly. Exposure to direct sunlight may gradually lighten the color, enjoy the natural change of color with time.

RED: madder root
TERRACOTTA: madder root
ORANGE: madder root & fustic
OCHRE : fustic & cutch
YELLOW: pomegranate & marigold 
SAGE: pomegranate & iron
GREEN: indigo & weld
BLUE: indigo 
LAVENDER/BROWN: wattle & iron

DUSTY ROSE: quebracho, lac & madder root
CHARCOAL: oak galls

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