remnant envelope: assortment of plant-dyed textiles

$ 11.00

Bring the beauty of Kata Golda’s plant-dyed fabrics to your own craft projects.  Each envelope contains a thoughtfully chosen rainbow of fabric remnants [total weight = 2.5 ounces]. This is my favorite fabric, and it makes it's way into almost everything I make - nothing goes to waste.  Strips and squares and odd shapes ranging in size (no smaller than 1.5", no longer than 14") of both heavy weight and light weight plant-dyed fabric.  The heavier weight is 9-12oz organic cotton/hemp and the light weight is 4.5 - 6 oz organic cotton and organic cotton/linen.  Each envelope will contain an even mix of heavy and light fabric.  This is perfect for patching, making amulets, adding pops of color to your embroidery projects, embellishing decorative silk ribbon, making doll clothes... the possibilities are endless.  Pair it with our small fabric patches, large fabric patches, and silk ribbon.  What will you make?

Our textiles are hand dyed by Botanical Colors in a way that is mindful of water use, is non-toxic and biodegradable, and draws its incomparable color palette from humble plants and natural sources. The outcome is a beautifully nuanced collection of ethically produced textiles.  Each batch of dyed fabric is unique, adding character to each piece that is created with it. 

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