treasure box for the stitcher

$ 45.00

I was working with a pile of my most treasured plant-dyed fabrics and threads, and I felt compelled to make this little collection. This is the kind of gift that I LOVE to give (and receive). It is my favorite color palette and I find the mix of textiles to be inspiring and special. The sturdy matchbox-style box measures 2.75 x 3.75 x 1.25." and is covered in a hand stitched patch and includes a full listing of the contents on the back side.

  • [4] 5 x 3.25” fabric pieces: peach (madder root & fustic) and light blue (indigo) organic flax linen, ochre (fustic) organic cotton, lavender/brown (wattle & iron) cotton muslin
  • [2] 3.5 x 2.5” fabric pieces: green (indigo & weld) and sage (pomegranate & iron) cotton muslin
  • [2] 3.5 x 2.5” wool felt pieces: tea dyed and light blue (indigo)
  • [1] 6 x 3.5” light blue (indigo) wool gauze 
  • [1] 2x2” red (madder root) silk
  • [4] 3 yard pieces of sashiko thread: yellow (pomegranate & marigold), sage (pomegranate & iron), lavender brown (wattle & iron), light blue (indigo)
  • [1] 42” strand of blue (indigo) silk ribbon 
  • [1] 3 yard strand of very thin natural tussah silk thread
  • [1] 1 yard strand of embroidery floss: my favorite dark color, brick brown #3857
  • [2] lace pins
  • [1] size 5 (sharp) hand sewing sewing needle
  • [4] vintage bamboo bobbins

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