delighting in the abundance of spring May 03 2024

color appears like magic as wool, silk, hemp, and cotton cloth extract the pigments from my plant dyes.
 this process gives me so much appreciation for the soil, the water, the sun, and the nurturers who care for the plants. i feel a whole new level of connection to my stitching and i want to share these fabrics with you. procuring these treasure boxes is a true pleasure.

so much care and consideration goes into the materials that are tucked into each
treasure box. it is a slow and thoughtful process, and i feel such kinship to those who appreciate and delight in the contents. this particular box is especially robust and over stuffed - a metaphor for this season. (limited quantity available)

they are the perfect gift for a mentor, a mother, a friend, yourself...


i always prefer working with a limited collection of materials… fewer options expand my creativity, too many choices lead to overwhelm. i often feel hesitant to use fabrics that feel precious, it takes me some time to decide how to honor them in the best way. don’t be afraid to use these the samples i made (pictured below) i barely made a dent in the contents of the box.

each box is topped with a plant-dyed wool felt flower with antique sequins stitched using tussah silk and mohair/silk yarn. inside you will find:

• [1] 7 x4” piece of wool felt (dyed with madder, logwood & iron)

• [4] 6.25 x 5” pieces of plant-dyed wool crepe (assorted colors)

• [4] 6.25 x 4” pieces of plant-dyed organic cotton double gauze (assorted colors)

• [5] 1 yard x 1/2” lengths of plant-dyed silk ribbon on wooden spools (assorted colors)

• [1] 6 yard length of mohair/silk yarn on a tiny wooden spool (color varys)

• [1] 6 yard length of plant-dyed sashiko thread on a tiny wooden spool

• [1] 10 yard length of natural/undyed tussah silk thread on a tiny wooden spool

• [1] chenille hand sewing needle for mohair/silk yarn

• [1] sharp hand sewing needle for tussah silk thread

• [1] crewel hand sewing needle for sashiko thread

once you use the contents of your box, you can refill it with your own inspired collection. 


i also added a small collection of plant-dyed wool-felt bundles. each bundle contains [8] 4” squares of wool felt that i plant-dyed in my home studio. i worked with chlorophyllin green, coreopsis, cutch, indigo, iron, logwood, madder, marigold, pomegranate, and quebracho. there is a slight variety in the colors within each bundle. they are packaged with a strand of hand-torn tea-dyed silk ribbon.

the projects abovelend themselves to small amounts of special fabrics. i love making patchwork projects and using my plant-dyed textiles to stitch flowers. my collection of 50 free sewing tutorials is filled with spring projects. happy stitching!


as always, thank you for supporting small makers and shopping handmade. i feel so lucky to be able to do this work.

alison kaplan
kata golda handmade