best dog & cat awards

$ 32.00

*small batch: there is a very limited quantity of each design.*

April 11 is National Pet Day! Did I capture your pet here?
Our pets are the ones that see our true colors.  They are always there, accepting of our quirks and moods, and we observe and share theirs. Currently, my is cat trying to fit herself into a tiny box (again), and my dog and I are negotiating and dividing our favorite spot on the couch. The tiny treasures they give me every single day are countless. Oh, how I love them.

I stitched these pet awards In honor of our beloved pets. The wool felt and silk ribbon were plant-dyed by hand in my studio, and the pet portraits were lovingly sketched and then stitched by hand. Each pet wears a colorful collar stitched with mohair/silk yarn.  
Pet awards measure about 2.25 x 4" (including the silk tassels) and have a collarless safety pin on the back side. They include a 44" strand of tea-dyed silk ribbon for hanging.

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