botanical needle book

$ 34.00

This needle book is made of four different weights of plant-dyed fabrics: organic cotton/hemp, organic cotton double gauze, wool crepe, and wool felt. It has 6 pages (plus the front and back) for ample needle storage. The color of the patch on the front of the book features a botanical design and indicates the color of the plant-dyed organic cotton/hemp on the interior page holding the needles. All stitchwork is done with cotton thread, mohair/silk yarn, and tussah silk. The book measures 3 x 3.75" and is secured with a 17" strand of crocheted mohair/silk yarn.

The needle book comes filled with 5 small straight pins, 5 large straight pins, 4 collarless safety pins, and 3 crewel/embroidery needles (sizes 3, 5 & 7).

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