foraging buckets

$ 22.00

These little foraging buckets were featured in Taproot Issue 38::FORAGE. Since designing them for Taproot, they have become a staple in my home and studio. They are attached to my hip throughout the fall, when I cannot resist collecting all of the goodness I find on my morning walks. They are also used to hold sewing projects, organize craft supplies, as gift bags, and for knitting. 

This small batch of foraging buckets is available in two sizes and six colors. The smaller size measures 2.5" and is perfect for gathering seeds and other tiny treasures. The larger size is 4.5" - I love this size because it can perfectly hold a the green cardboard berry baskets which make an excellent liner.  The bags are machine stitched out of plant-dyed organic cotton/hemp with a contrasting base color. They cinch closed with a sturdy nylon cord. Sold individually.
  • ORANGE with green base
  • GREEN with orange base
  • CHARCOAL with red base
  • RED with charcoal base
  • YELLOW with dusty rose base
  • DUSTY ROSE with yellow base
When I was designing this little bag, I wanted it to meet the following criteria:
  • Be easy to tie to a belt, bag, or article of clothing so I can gather hands free.
  • Be attractive, but not precious. Can be decorated or kept simple.
  • Be quick to sew with fabric remnants that I already have. I know these little bags will not stay pristine. 
  • Be adaptable to make in many different sizes with a simple design.
  • Be easy to wash and mend.
  • Be able to cinch closed so the contents do not spill out.
  • Be able to sit open like a bucket, so when I come home I can appreciate the contents or just leave them inside to dry. The 4.5” size can perfectly hold a berry basket.

Would you like to sew your own foraging buckets? Find the pattern HERE.

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