hummingbirds in flight

$ 35.00

Is there a more beautiful delight than watching a hummingbird? I have spotted some magnificent moments: observing a tiny nest with a hummingbird sitting on her eggs, watching their wings flutter unimaginably fast and keeping the tiny bird suspended in the air while gathering nectar, seeing territorial fights as they dive at each other amidst the blooms. At times I feel like they are following me (or I am chasing them?) because this time of year they are always close by. 

Hummingbirds are like opals to me, no distinguishing color, changing color depending on the way the light hits, and full of color all at the same time. Here are four hummingbirds in motion: soaring (light peach), seeking (off-white), hovering (light gray, and diving (light blue). They are stitched in coral and black thread with mirror images on both sides, ideal for hanging in a window so when you look out or look in, they are always showing themselves. They are lightly stuffed with buckwheat hulls for a little dimension. Birds measure about 4 x 3" and hang from a 22" strand of crocheted mohair. Sold individually.

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