my perfect needle book

$ 90.00


I thought for a long time about all the essential parts of my needle book. Over many weeks, I kept a list of all the important elements that I wanted to include in my book, along with a pile of tools that needed to be included. I made each book by hand out of plant-dyed organic linen and wool felt. Here is the culmination, snugly together in this little book. I hope this needle book becomes a treasured part of your sewing kit. 

  • page 1: a pocket with paper for notes and inspiration and a small pair of folding snips on plant-dyed silk ribbon pinned in the corner
  • page 2: seam ripper, crochet hook , hemostat (this is used to grab the needle and lock a hold on it, it is very helpful when trying to pull the needle through stiff material like denim, leather, or multiple layers of fabric) and a pencil.
  • page 3a blank spot for your favorite needles: I keep a cutting needle (used for sewing leather) and a curved needle (used for bookbinding) in my book and 3 crewel/embroidery needles in size 3
  • page 4: 3 crewel/embroidery needles in size 5 and 3crewel/embroidery needles in size 7
  • page 5: 8 small straight pins (the pins I use most of the time) and 5 larger straight pins
  • page 65 collarless safety pins and a blank spot for your for your personal collection of pins. I keep a few large safety pins in my book
  • pages 7 &86 small straight pins each pin holding 1 yard of embroidery floss (6 different colors)
  • page 9: one big blank rectangle. I tuck things here to put away later. Often if I have threaded needles and I am mid-project, I leave them in this rectangle for when I resume my project. I try to put everything I am finished with back in its original spot at the end of the day.
  • page 10a side pocket to stash words, drawings, ideas, and tiny embroidery projects in process

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