4 x 4" patches: plant-dyed organic cotton/hemp

$ 15.00

Bring the beauty of Kata Golda’s plant-dyed fabrics to your own craft projects.  Each little fabric bundle contains (11) 4” squares of organic cotton/hemp: red, terracotta, orange, ochre, yellow, sage, green, blue, walnut, dusty rose, and charcoal. Bundles are tied with raw hand-torn silk ribbon.

Our textiles are hand dyed by Botanical Colors in a way that is mindful of water use, is non-toxic and biodegradable, and draws its incomparable color palette from humble plants and natural sources. The outcome is a beautifully nuanced collection of ethically produced textiles.  Each batch of dyed fabric is unique, adding character to each piece that is created with it. 

Product images include some ideas and inspiration for projects: patches, embroidery, amulets... what will you make?

RED: madder root
TERRACOTTA: madder root
ORANGE: madder root & fustic
OCHRE: fustic & cutch
YELLOW: pomegranate & marigold (new!)
SAGE: pomegranate & iron (new!)
GREEN: indigo & weld
BLUE: indigo
LAVENDER/BROWN: wattle & iron
DUSTY ROSE: lac & chestnut
CHARCOAL: gallo tannin, pomegranate, chestnut & iron 

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