tiny notes pocket

$ 32.00

*small batch: only one available in each color/design*

this tiny note pocket has been a part of my routine for quite some time, it is almost always within reachtiny notes are a meaningful way to concentrate thoughts - a place to jot down an idea, a sketch, or craft an intimate message to a friend. the confines of a tiny space eliminate overwhelm and invite creativity. i keep my pocket nearby like someone might keep their phone. the single papers can be taped into my journal or sent away in a letter. the tiny note pocket is a kind of security, so a thought is not lost. i do love writing long letters, but sometimes a small engagement is what i crave and/or what i have time for. sending a passage from a book, a favorite poem, a shared memory, a dream, an idea, an apology, or a wish in the mail is so much more intimate than sending a text.

the tiny pocket is machine stitched out of plant-dyed organic cotton hemp (exterior) and plant-dyed cotton muslin (interior) and measures 3.5 x 4" when buttoned closed. The muslin interior is a contrasting color (green/ochre, charcoal/orange, and dusty rose/red). Each pocket features a design stitched on the outer flap with with mohair/silk yarn or linen patchwork. The pocket is filled with my favorite writing and drawing paper: 9 pieces of 80# off-white Mohawk paper, 9 pieces of 90# off-white Lenox drawing paper, and 3 size A1 envelopes. You can re-fill your pocket by simply tearing your favorite 8.5 x 11" paper into 9 pieces.

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