a new favorite tool in my traveling studio: the pin cushion bracelet June 29 2024

i when i am on the road, i pack my traveling studio with only the essentials. i love the challenge of curating the perfect collection of tools and materials for the stack of projects that come with me.
when i’m not exploring the landscape, i am in my travel chair or on a blanket in the sun stitching, sketching, or taking notes and recording observations in my journal.

i am regularly losing needles and pins in my lap and all around me, or i stick them in my clothes and forget that i did that only to get poked by them later. ever since we got a puppy (who is now a 3 year old dog) i have tried to be extra mindful of making sure to end my stitching with the same number of pins and needles that I started with. then i made myself a pin cushion bracelet and now i wonder why it took me so long. whether I am traveling, out in the field  or sitting in a favorite spot in my house, this pin cushion bracelet is just what I needed. 

i made small batch of pin cushion bracelets for my shop (there is only one available in each design). they are stitched out of plant-dyed wool felt (dyed by me in my home dye studio). each pin cushion is very densely stuffed with crushed walnut hulls to keep your needles sharp. there is a layer of leather lining the back side (tucked under the felt) so you don’t poke your wrist. i also made this available as a free sewing tutorial if you’d like to stitch your own. 

two other essential pieces of my traveling studio are my plant-dyed simple hemp handbound journal and my plant-dyed botanical tape measure. the tape measures are back in stock, they sold out so fast last time!

you can build your own traveling studio... my collection of over 50 free sewing tutorials has projects to keep you organized and inspired this summer. happy stitching!

as always, thank you for supporting small makers and shopping handmade. i feel so lucky to be able to do this work.

alison kaplan
kata golda handmade

PS: thank you for all your love about the loss of jeff. myra continues to live her best life, happily squeezing in to all of the boxes and baskets without any competition. and while he is no longer this adorable puppy, hunker had grown up to be a big handsome boy who won’t get poked by pins and needles.