foraging buckets & free fall sewing projects October 11 2021

My hands are always overflowing with the goodness of fall on my morning walks. There is much to collect from my daily loop… madrona berries after a good wind, seedpods from all sorts of wild growing plants, and brilliant fall leaves. I notice the ground more than ever at this time of year as it is reminiscent of my midwestern childhood with colorful and bountiful leaves underfoot, painting the landscape. Although the leaves are not as prolific here in the Pacific Northwest, there are other treasures to be found, like the blanket of pine needles that illuminate the path like a red carpet. A walk down a trail in a new landscape always brings its share of inspiration. Horse chestnuts with similar but differing shapes, acorns with their sweet little caps, and pine cones of all shapes and sizes.

This is the time of year that I am literally attached at the hip to my foraging buckets. In addition to collecting, it is the time for seed saving. I am attentive to the weather as I want to collect before the rain and before a big wind. I gather marigolds, scabiosa, calendula, nigella, hollyhock, and poppy. I do love the fact that many of the seeds will fall to the ground to reseed themselves and be carried off by the birds to grow in another place. I have added a small batch of my favorite foraging buckets to my website, find them HERE.


Want to sew your own collection of foraging buckets? This pattern was first published in Taproot Issue 38::FORAGE, and it is now available for sale on my website. I use these little buckets for so much more than foraging. They hold sewing projects and organize craft supplies in the studio. My mom loves to use them for knitting, she can loop the tie around her arm and knit on the go.


And don’t forget the collection of FREE SEWING TUTORIALS available on my website. You will find fall-themed projects to keep hands of all ages busy as we transition to darker and cooler weather.