ideas morph and expand, inviting exploration May 03 2024

one project can lead to another, bringing light to new paths with unknown destinations.
i began with sketching botanicals in my journal. those sketches became stitchings as i practiced ‘drawing' on fabric with a single strand of black embroidery floss. for my latest 
100 day project i pushed myself to draw with light colored thread on dark fabric. drawing for me has always meant a dark line until now. i dyed a stack of organic cotton/hemp fabric deep shades of charcoal and plum and am stitching botanicals with natural tussah silk thread. i am adding rich pops of color with the mohair/silk yarn from the lamb & kid. today is day 54 of 100. what will these 100 stitchings be once completed? this is yet to be discovered.

the designs from my 100-day project inspired a new small-batch collection of plant-dyed botanical tape measures, scissor slips, and tiny pin cushions stiched with wool felt that i dyed in my home dye studio. i used plants from my garden and amazing raw materials from botanical colors. you can find 12 different designs of each in my shop. 

spring is full of inspiration everywhere! hummingbirds are buzzing around, the bees are returning, and the flowers are beginning to show off. stitch up a little spring sunshine... my collection of 50 free sewing tutorials is filled with spring projects.


as always, thank you for supporting small makers and shopping handmade. i feel so lucky to be able to do this work.

alison kaplan
kata golda handmade