tiny notes for staying connected... February 17 2024

tiny notes are a way for me to connect to others and cultivate my ideas.
i feel most fulfilled when i am engaging with other people and taking the time to explore and expand on my ideas that surface throughout the day. tiny notes are a meaningful way for me to concentrate my thoughts - a place to jot down an idea, a sketch, or craft an intimate message to a friend. the confines of a tiny space eliminate overwhelm and invite creativity. the
tiny notes pocket is the newest addition to my shop, though writing little notes has been a part of my routine for a while.

i keep my pocket nearby like someone might keep their phone. while i often have a slim simple journal or my extra large journal with me, there are times that i want something small and more versatile. the single papers can be taped into my journal or sent away in a letter. the tiny notes pocket is a kind of security, so a thought is not lost. i do love writing long letters, but sometimes a small engagement is what i crave and/or what i have time for. sending a passage from a book, a favorite poem, a shared memory, a dream, an idea, an apology, or a wish in the mail is so much more intimate than sending a text. often these little notes lead to a bigger letter, and i reach for my letter writing pocket

taking the time to write a letter is an act of intimacy, generosity, self-reflection, and connection. when i keep all of my favorite bits and pieces for letter writing tucked together in one place, i am ready to write when a bit of time presents itself. opening  my letter pocket, unpacking the contents and putting pen to paper is the most thoughtful gift to myself. using a letter writing pocket has transformed my dedication to the purposeful act of keeping in touch. i made a new collection of letter writing pockets for my shop, where you can also now find the letter pocket sewing tutorial with detailed instructions and color photos if you’d like to stitch your own.

this project was first featured in taproot issue 56::CULTIVATE. the article includes the step-by-step sewing tutorial, my musings about letter writing and details how i organize my letter pocket. my most cherished pen pal, polly hatfield, also wrote a beautiful piece for this issue. you can find the magazine here


you can explore many projects connected to taking note and sending love in the collection of over 45 free sewing tutorials on my site.
happy stitching!

PS: frank built a cage for my embroidery floss, so now myra just gets a little bit to play with. she has let me know that she prefers full access.