March 2013- Bunny with Baby tutorial March 01 2013

It's the time of year when I cannot resist taking my morning cup of coffee out to the garden to see what has transpired there, seemingly overnight. New buds appearing on the fruit trees, the first crocuses unfurling on the south side of the house, patient daphne odora teasing me with the promise of bloom and heavenly scent.

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January 2013- A Bit of Uncluttered Time (and a Luggage Tag DIY project) January 01 2013

New Valentine Items for 2013, by Kata Golda

I will resist the temptation to tell you how, as a resident of the Pacific Northwest, I long to flee our grey, wet, mild winters. That story has likely been told countless times, today alone, on blogs and web sites. But this is the season when I can get away from the studio and seek quiet and inspiration, and so I travel. Sometimes near, sometimes far, sometimes only my mind wanders.

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December 2012- Star Ornament DIY Tutorial December 12 2012

This time of year, when my tummy is full and the pantry is packed for the winter, I think to myself, “I have plenty.” I have so much to be grateful for: a warm home, a healthy family, rewarding work. So during this season of reflection, I remind myself that indeed I have plenty, and hope the same for you.

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November 2012- Abundance November 01 2012

What a full and inspired autumn we’re having at Kata Golda. 

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November 2012- Celebrating Autumn November 01 2012

The skies have returned to cool gray here, but autumn's warm harvest golds abound — a sure sign that preparations for a long winter's nap have begun. We certainly have a lot for you to enjoy and look forward to.

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August 2012- Kata Golda at NY Stationery Show August 17 2012

Summer has brought much activity and change here at Kata Golda. In mid-May the new 2012–2013 collection made its public debut in NYC at the National Stationery Show, complete with a new print catalog and website.

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