DIY blue amulet kit

Materials to make two 2x2” stitched and embellished amulets (one necklace and one pin). This process is a balance of creative (shape and decoration) and mechanical/technical (assembly) and I delight in the overlap between the two. The technical aspects can be very creative as there are so many ways to finish each piece. Originally featured in Taproot Issue 57::BLUE, this project stemmed from a towering pile of indigo-dyed linen that sits on the table next to my writing desk. The subtle shades of blues and greens are mesmerizing to me, a whole spectrum of sky and sea tones pulled from the leaves of one humble plant. 

I like to tuck words – a little mantra to myself, a memory to hold close, an ode to a person I love, a reminder – inside the amulet. This project connects so many disjointed pieces into one cohesive, treasured object.