DIY stuffed companion: fox

$ 46.00

Each kit includes the tools and materials to stitch one fox stuffed companion (6 x 10.5"), one felt outfit (dress or overalls) and one fabric outfit (dress or overalls). This project was featured in the Taproot Magazine Issue 42::CALM.

FOX MATERIALS: 14 x 12” cinnamon wool felt, 6.5 x 4.5” white wool felt, 1 x 1” black wool felt, cinnamon and black embroidery floss, 1.5oz recycled poly-fill stuffing

OUTFIT MATERIALS: 11.5“ piece of 3/4“ twill tape, 12 x 5” 9oz organic cotton/hemp muslin, 12 x 5” yellow wool felt, 7 colors of embroidery floss for embellishing outfits

EXTRAS: detailed instruction booklet with color photos, guide to basic stitches, templates, sewing needle, 6 straight pins

Skill level: advanced beginner


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