the kata golda studio is open again! October 14 2023

my website and etsy are now open after a much needed break. i spent the past few months prioritizing my health after a scare and giving my body what it needed to recover. then i fully immersed myself in a summer of creativity in the dye garden, in my studio, and out in nature. i am now re-focused, energized, and feeling more inspired than ever. a small snapshot of my summer is below... the gorgeous palettes and stunning views are infusing my work.

what’s new? you will find new DIY kits inspired by my time on the road, where projects that fit in my pocket and could be easily worked on in my lap were the favorite: the DIY stitch the design kit,the DIY blue amulet kit, and the DIY floral uterus pin kit. i made limited quantities of my essential extra large handbound journal, the letter writing pocket with a bundle of essentials inside, and my foraging buckets. i also re-designed my bracelets and changed up the designs on the botanical coasters. it is a small new collection reflecting the colors i have seen in new landscapes, the flowers i have nurtured, and the love i have felt over the last 10 months.

as i simplify my collection and explore more custom projects for select retailers, you will find more “one of a kind” and limited edition offerings on my website. be sure to follow along on instagram to see what i’m working on. 
 i also have a line-up of free sewing tutorials coming your way. the newest one, the hanging bud vase, is perfect for the last fresh blooms and dried seedheads of fall. there are 42 others available, plenty of crafting inspiration for the cool, dark days ahead.

as always, thank you for supporting small makers and shopping handmade. i feel so lucky to be able to do this work.
alison kaplan
kata golda handmade