finding sunshine in a dye pot January 20 2024

 these dark winter days have me craving the colors of summer.
i spent some time in my new dye studio and coaxed this cheerful palette from marigolds, quebracho, and madder root, all sourced from my dye garden and my friends at botanical colors. stitching with these fabrics feels like bringing sunshine into my studio. i made a small collection of little treasure boxes for my shop. each box is filled with an assortment of these textiles in different colors, weights, textures, and fibers.  

i dyed three weights of wool (gauze, crepe, and felt), along with hemp, linen, and cotton gauze. i paired the plant-dyed fabrics with a bright assortment of mohair/silk yarn from the lamb & kid (colors vary in each box). i also tucked in a pair of sharp snips capped with fresh leaf indigo-dyed wool felt, and a small assortment of pins and needles. while i was trying to manifest summer, i also made a small collection of tiny pin cushions stitched with detailed floral designs. these plump little cushions are densely stuffed with crushed walnut shells to keep your needles sharp. 

i felt inspired to turn some of the wool felt from my dying project into heart decorations. these hearts are a reminder to keep an eye on your heart, to keep an eye on the hearts of those you love, and to allow the hearts of others to watch over you. while this symbol carries different meanings for different people, to me it represents protection and loving care. this project is also available as a free sewing tutorial, stitch a few up for the people you love. 

 i hope you find some inspiration in my collection of over 45 free sewing tutorials - there are many projects that are perfect for valentine’s day crafting. happy stitching! 

PS: myra has discovered the embroidery floss shelf
and my studio will never be the same.