for the love of stitching... February 03 2024

i truly love making small batch collections and one-of-a-kind designs. 
i used to follow a trade-show calendar, do product launches, and stitch a (crazy) amount of items to order. now i allow myself to follow my curiosity, delve into the ideas i have sketched in my journal, and make things that i want to have (or gift) while making a few extras for my shop. i give myself the time to pursue new passions (a dye garden and dye studio!), and let the outcomes of that exploration inform my designs. this has been a deeply satisfying change for me.

recently i was on the quest for a new tape measure design - i wanted something a little more substantial, dense, and tightly stitched. a stack of fresh-leaf indigo dyed wool felt and a journal page filled with new botanical sketches led me to my perfect tape measure. i made a few more for my shop, which then inspired me to make an assortment of needle books, a colorful collection of plant-dyed tiny botanical pin cushions, and coordinating scissor slips. i love how they turned out.

here is a collection of one-of-a-kind heavily stitched hearts for valentine’s day. these are absolutely my favorite thing to make for the people i love. i get lost in the process of stitching...each heart is a little treasure, with a detailed design on the front and the back sides. you will find cats, dogs, birds, botanicals, houses, and a few other designs from the pages of my sketchbook. 

the newest free sewing tutorial is a loving bear pin. this sweet and simple pin can be tucked into a love note, attached to a backpack, or pinned on to a coat. you will find many other projects for sending love (including the gift i gave jeff & myra: rat for a naughty cat) in the collection of over 45 free sewing tutorials on my site. happy stitching!

PS: jeff & myra are always underfoot. i think they love each other?
it’s hard to tell sometimes.