a handmade holiday gift guide December 02 2023


i rarely leave the studio this time of year...
my once-tidy studio is currently an explosion of fabric scraps, bits of thread, DIY kit materials, and shipping boxes. and i love it. while i could never sustain this level of creative energy for the long term*, the holiday surge fills me up. i’ve pulled together a list of my favorite items for (almost) everyone on your shopping list, including things you can make with your own hands. i feel so grateful as your orders come in, and i hope you can feel the love and care that is in every package.
*i will need to surface from the studio at some point!
the last day for holiday orders is december 11.

while most of my (over 40!) free sewing tutorials can be made with remnants from your fabric stash, you can also find plant-dyed fabrics, wool felt, and plant-dyed sashiko thread and silk ribbon in my shop. i hope you find some inspiration in these projects. happy stitching!

a gift bag to keepsitched cards felt pockethanging bud vase (for a gifted plant cutting)

as always, thank you for supporting small makers and shopping handmade. i feel so lucky to be able to do this work.

alison kaplan
kata golda handmade


PS: apparently myra would like to be packaged up and shipped off for the holidays.