back to school rituals September 19 2022

i love the start of the school year.
even though it has been years since the end of my summer was marked with the flurry of procuring school supplies for my daughter, i find that i still crave the ritual. i refresh my pencil case at the start of every fall: i consider the contents, replenish as needed, and make tool changes. this year i decided to embellish my pouches with plant-dyed sashiko thread and make myself some new scissor slips (find the free tutorial below).

would you like to stitch your own zipper pouch?
find the plant-dyed sashiko thread and notions pouches on my site (some are are on sale). you can also head over to instagram for a giveaway (win a notions pouch and a full palette of plant-dyed thread).

free sewing tutorials for back to school…
starting the ‘school year’ with my tool pouch refreshed, i made some new tips for my scissors out of wool felt scraps. i like to keep the tips of my scissors protected so they don’t poke through the fabric pouch. i love how they turned out. from the free tutorial archives: a pencil holder, pen & paper holder, book cover, weekly wall hanging, and a pocket pal (since some of us might need a friend to start the new school year).

as always, thank you for supporting small makers and shopping handmade.
i feel so lucky to be able to do this work. enjoy the transition to fall…

alison kaplan
kata golda handmade